Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Garage Door

Just like any other piece of equipment, your garage door needs a little attention to keep working at peak performance.

Let’s look at a few tips for maintaining your garage door

Listen to your garage door

It’s a good idea to make a point of watching and listening every time you open or close your garage door. If its movements and sounds are familiar, you’ll notice when something is off. Then you can take care of a problem before it becomes unfixable. Don’t ignore a small whine or minor shudder in its movement. Quite simply, it’s better to be safe than sorry! So check over the mechanics of your garage door every time you notice any inconsistency.

Check and tighten loose hardware

Even if it isn’t noticeable, the hardware that moves your garage door will likely loosen up over time. Making a regular habit of checking these parts can save you from costly repairs and even disaster.

Lubricate moving parts

The same way hardware loosens up, moving parts will become sticky or seize up if they aren’t given regular attention. So be sure you buy a quality lubricant and apply it to the parts that keep your garage door moving smoothly.

Keep tracks and rollers clear of debris

Your garage is a prime place for dirt, dust, and other debris to settle on the tracks and rollers of your garage door. Taking some time to wipe them down will allow your door to glide freely. It will also save your rollers from unnecessary wear and tear. At the same time, you should also inspect your rollers for cracking or chipping. Replace any damaged parts as soon as possible to keep your garage door operating efficiently.

Enroll in a preventative maintenance plan

Do you want a professional to handle your garage door maintenance for you? Contact Super G&R today! We can perform regular checks on your system, and add years to the life of your garage door. And you can check that off your to-do list!

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